Outsource your driver and dedicated fleet requirements to us

At CDI, we look at the complete picture and come up with comprehensive solutions that bring our expertise into play for our customers. Transportation management is our business. It’s only logical that our decades of experience can bring value to you as a result.

Customers rely on us as an outsource for driver services and dedicated fleets.

Driver services

We have a long history in the effective recruitment and placement of qualified drivers for your fleet operation. We manage every aspect of the process:

  • Replacement drivers for shortages
  • Risk integration
  • Workers’ compensation issues
  • Payroll and benefits
  • Criminal records search
  • Proper training and re-certification
  • Providing drivers who always meet your requirements

Dedicated fleets

More and more, companies are realizing the competitive advantage provided by outsourcing your private fleet requirements. We can customize a program to supplement or replace your existing fleet operation. Features include:

  • Free up your capital by outsourcing to us with a variable cost model
  • Rely on our excellent recruitment and driver resource management
  • Let us manage your day to day activity with real-time driver updates
  • Receive customized reporting and performance measurement
  • All your local and long haul transportation requirements are met

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