LTL trucking services connect Canada & the USA

With over 50 years serving Canadian markets, extending Fastfrate’s footprint to the USA was a natural evolution. We now provide a comprehensive Canada/ USA Cross border service to existing and new Fastfrate clients alike.

Our focus is LTL

We have partnered with select regional carriers throughout the USA to operate a seamless multi-gateway network between our countries. By combining the strengths of niche USA players with our longstanding Canadian infrastructure, the result is a great LTL service to meet the cross border shipping requirements of our valued customers.

Features of our cross border LTL service include:

  • Competitive pricing with our Fastfrate 101 tariff
  • Dedicated Customs expertise
  • Comprehensive coverage of Canada and the USA
  • Movement of your dry goods across a wide range of industries
  • Complete compliance and certification with all national security initiatives: C-TPAT, PIP, FAST

For more information please call 1.800.268.1564

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