It all boils down to price and service

How much freight do you have? When is it ready? Where is it going? When do you need it there? Is your freight dense or volumetric? Does it require special handling? Do you need to protect it from freezing? Is it going to a big box retailer with an appointment time? These are just a few of the details we need to determine the cost of transporting your shipment.

Simplified LTL pricing

We’ve found several ways to simplify the procedure. Our account managers have the autonomy to quote on the spot so you can make your decision and get your shipment on its way. We have a centralized pricing department but it does not hold up the information you need. Pricing is available by class, per CWT & per skid.

There’s always choice with Fastfrate

We offer added choice with road, rail and third party brokerage options. You choose the best solution for your particular shipping requirements. Once your customer profile is created our auto rate program can create your customized rate for new lanes at a moment’s notice. We also have a sophisticated program with established rate structures from literally anywhere to anywhere.