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Customer Bulletin: BC flood update.

November 26, 2021

CP Rail continues to work around the clock to move through the backlog of all in-transit freight and is making good progress. Once CP has worked through the backlog....

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Customer Bulletin: BC flood update.

November 22, 2021

Canadian Armed Forces are presently in BC to help with recovery, conduct damage assessments and helping repair the Sumas Dike. Some parts of highways have re-opened but....

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Fastfrate continues to pick up your freight for Vancouver

November 19, 2021

Our exclusive partnership with CP Rail and our co-location allows us to stage containers. What does this mean for you? We will continue to pick up your freight from Ontario and....

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Customer Bulletin: BC flood update.

November 18, 2021

The provincial state of emergency has been declared in BC to mitigate impacts on transportation networks and movement of essential goods and supplies, and to support the...

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Customer Bulletin: Continued delays in and out of Vancouver

November 16, 2021

We are continuing to monitor the situation in BC. There are no further updates today. CP and CN rail lines are still closed and there are no updates on time frames at this time...

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Customer Bulletin: Several highways in BC are closed due to mudslides causing delays into and out of BC

November 15, 2021

Several BC highways are closed due to heavy rainfall which has caused mudslides and rockslides. The affected highways are completely blocked, and some are heavily damaged...

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Fastfrate Group and Audrey’s Place donates $500,000 to University Health Network

October 6, 2021

The donation will accelerate research in Chiari malformation and organ transplantation. Fastfrate Group, a leader in providing transportation and logistics services, are excited to announce that they have made a $500,000 donation to the Audrey's Place Foundation...

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Closure and stoppages have been extended until end of 2021

August 25, 2021

Earlier this year Kicking Horse Canyon Constructors (KHCC) had implemented intermittent lane closures on Trans- Canada Highway through the Kicking Horse Canyon Phase 4 construction site throughout March 2021 and lane closures until April 10, 2021...

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Customer Bulletin: Vancouver terminal is now back on regular operating schedules.

July 30, 2021

We are pleased to announce that we are now operating according to our regular schedule again. The CP rail line is now very fluid and fully operational. Containers are moving into and out of Vancouver with no delays. We have recovered from the delays and we continue to receive, process and schedule deliveries...

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Customer Bulletin: Vancouver continues to receive and process containers.

July 27, 2021

The CP rail line is now very fluid and fully operational. Containers are moving into and out of Vancouver with no delays. The Vancouver team received a high volume of containers this weekend and will continue to work 24hours with increased capacity to get all containers received, offloaded, processed and schedule out for delivery...

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Customer Bulletin: Vancouver continues to receive containers.

July 23, 2021

The Vancouver team received a high volume of containers this week. With this influx of containers, our operations team continue to work 24hours with increased capacity to get all containers received, offloaded, processed and schedule out for delivery...

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Customer Bulletin: Vancouver continues working around the clock to receive and process containers.

July 21, 2021

The CP rail line is still experiencing limitations with rail speed, however containers are continuously arriving into Vancouver. We still expect a minimum delay of 48 -72 hours with the containers coming into and out of Vancouver...

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Customer Bulletin: Containers continue to arrive into Vancouver.

July 19, 2021

The Vancouver team continues to receive containers today and are expected to receive a higher volume in the next few days. Although it’s still slow moving on the rail line, more containers are able to move through the congestion. We still expect a minimum delay of 48 -72 hours with the containers coming into and out of Vancouver...

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Customer Bulletin: Containers continue to arrive into Vancouver.

July 16, 2021

The CP rail line remains operational but the line is still moving slowly with reduced speeds. They are still very cautious of the wildfires and continues to maintain safe operational procedures. We continue to receive containers today and throughout the weekend. We still expect aminimum of 48 - 72 hours with the containers coming into and out of Vancouver...

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Customer Bulletin: CP rail line re-opened overnight.

July 15, 2021

The CP rail line re-opened overnight however it is moving very slowly. They are still very cautious of the wildfires and continues to maintain safe operational procedures. They will continue to update us. We still expect a minimum delay of 48 - 72 hours with the containers coming into and out of Vancouver...

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Customer Bulletin: More delays caused by wildfires.

July 14, 2021

The CP rail line recently closed due to wildfire activity overnight east of Lytton, BC. The CP team will assess the situation when it is safe to do so and provide an update.
The closure of the line will cause delays with all scheduled containers on route to Vancouver. We expect a minimum delay of 72 hours...

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Customer Bulletin: All containers have arrived into Vancouver.

July 13, 2021

All delayed and scheduled containers have arrived into Vancouver. Our teams continue to work at extra capacity to get all containers received, offloaded, processed and scheduled out for delivery...

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Customer Bulletin: Containers are being received, offloaded, processed and scheduled for delivery.

July 12, 2021

Most of the delayed and scheduled containers arrived this past weekend into Vancouver. We are still waiting on a few more shipments that are slotted to be received throughout Monday. Our teams continue to work 24hrs to get all shipments received, offloaded, processed and scheduled out for delivery...

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Customer Bulletin: Further improvements have been made with arrivals of delayed containers into Vancouver.

July 9, 2021

CP’s line have been moving well and containers have been arriving swiftly into Vancouver. Delayed containers and scheduled containers will be received throughout the weekend and processed by our Vancouver team. We have ramped up our efforts by increasing local workload capacity and dedicating resources from other Fastfrate terminals into Vancouver...

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Customer Bulletin: Delayed containers continue to arrive into Vancouver off the rail.

July 8, 2021

Since CP’s main rail line re-opened on July 5th, near Lytton, BC, we are pleased that more progress has been made with the arrival of the delayed containers. We will continue to receive them into Vancouver today, tomorrow and throughout the weekend.
We are still expecting minimum delays of 72 – 96 hours going into or out of Vancouver and Vancouver Island.

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Customer Bulletin: Delayed containers are starting to arrive into Vancouver off the rail.

July 7, 2021

Since CP’s main rail line re-opened on July 5th, near Lytton, BC, we have received our first containers from the rail last night. More containers are being made available to our team in Vancouver today and we will continue to receive more containers over the next few days...

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Customer Bulletin: The wildfires near Lytton, BC continues to cause major delays with the rail lines in and out of British Columbia.

July 6, 2021

The CP mainline re-opened yesterday afternoon, near Lytton, BC. Although the line is open and operational, it will be a slow start up process and congestion is expected. There will be delays at the rail terminal with containers arriving out of sequence.
We are still expecting minimum delays of 72 – 96 hours going into or out of Vancouver and Vancouver Island...

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Customer Bulletin: Wildfires, BC

July 5, 2021

Please note, the wildfires near Lytton, BC continue to affect the rails mainline into and out of Vancouver, BC.
CP is expecting limited access through this area this afternoon, though significant delays continue into and out of Vancouver, BC, and Vancouver Island...

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Customer Bulletin: Wildfires, BC

July 2, 2021

Please note, the wildfires near Lytton, BC have affected the rails mainline into and out of Vancouver, BC.
Though the timeline to re-open is unknown, the rail is anticipating min delays of 72 to 96 hours into Vancouver and Vancouver Island...

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BC Road Closure Surcharge

May 21, 2021

Dear Valued Customer,
Please be advised that Kicking Horse Canyon Constructors (KHCC) has been implementing intermittent lane closures on Trans- Canada Highway through the Kicking Horse Canyon Phase 4 construction site throughout March and will extend the lane closures to April 10, 2021. In addition, KHCC will implement overnight full closures in the Kicking Horse Canyon on Hwy 1 from March 29 through to April 10, 2021.

The Kicking Horse Canyon Project Phase 4 construction will also require an extended multi-day closure of the Trans-Canada Highway (TCH) east of Golden, BC.

*The multi day closure will be followed by additional 24-hour closures on weekdays between May 17 and August 31, 2021

Due to the scheduled road closure, constraints will be placed on our operations in this area. With these constraints being expected to continue for a significant duration of time, we have been faced with a difficult decision regarding how service is provided in this area.

Due to a significant increase in costs associated to rerouting shipments, we will be implementing a temporary Road Closure Surcharge. The temporary surcharge is designed to assist with offsetting additional expenses.

Surcharge Amount: $1.00/cwt with a minimum charge of $10.00 and a maximum of $200.00

The Road Closure Surcharge will apply if shipments meet the following criteria:

  • Duration: Shipments in transit starting April 12 until construction has ended, and will be applicable to the additional 24 hour closures when required between May 17 and May 31
  • Place: Shipments scheduled for transit and normally routed through Kicking Horse Canyon near Golden, BC, Highway 1
  • Affected Areas: Shipment originating in or destined to British Columbia, Canada

We understand that this decision has an effect on your operations. Delays are expected to occur through the designated area and we ask that you plan your operations around 1 additional day of transit time.

Please help to minimize any other delays by following these simple tips:

  • Plan for an additional day transit
  • Schedule pickups early in the day
  • Have all orders ready on time for pickup
  • Consolidate orders to be shipped

For more information on the construction project, please visit:

Frank Figliomeni Promoted to President, Fastfrate Integrated Logistics

May 6, 2021


Fastfrate Group is extremely pleased to announce the appointment of Frank Figliomeni to President of Fastfrate Integrated Logistics. Formerly Executive Vice President, Mr. Figliomeni now leads the Integrated Logistics, Linehaul, Bestway and CDI divisions of Fastfrate Group.

Frank has more than 20 years of experience in transportation and since joining Fastfrate Group, has played an integral role in the overall success of the group’s growth strategy. He has helped build a collaborative team who are committed to meeting customer and market demands and his contagious enthusiasm inspires his teams to deliver exceptional results.

Mr. Figliomeni comments, “I’m excited and I’m ready for the challenge. Fastfrate Group has been extremely active during my time here and are always seeking new revenue streams to enhance services, solutions and experiences for our customers.”

With the recent acquisitions of Bestway and ASL Distribution, Fastfrate Group has grown exponentially over a relatively short period of time and are not showing any sign of slowing down. Frank adds, “We are looking into ways to increase our presence in the U.S. marketspace and are currently exploring targeted regions for new terminals with cross docking, transloading and destuffing capabilities.”

“The uniqueness of Fastfrate Integrated Logistics being an asset-based carrier allows us to actually use the various division assets as part of each solution we create. We don’t operate a logistics division simply for overflow. This approach has proven to be quite successful and I am looking forward to attaining similar successes with our future initiatives.”

Fastfrate Group President & CEO, Manny Calandrino comments, “We are very proud of everything Frank and his teams have accomplished and are thrilled he has accepted this new role and new challenge. These are exciting times for our group and we’re looking forward to a bright future together!”

Breaking Ground on New 85,000 sq.ft. Facility in Ottawa, Ontario

February 25, 2021

Fastfrate Ottawa

We are extremely pleased to announce Fastfrate Group will be commencing the build of our state-of-the-art facility in the Spring of this year. This location is positioned on 10 acres of land in a new industrial park in southeast Ottawa. On the heels of our most recent acquisition of ASL Distribution, this new facility will both increase our capacity to serve our customers and further our foothold in the home and office delivery marketplace.

Its capabilities are designed to provide eastern Canada all services within the Fastfrate Group portfolio including multi-modal and final mile distribution. With expected completion in the Spring of 2022, this facility will generate a great number of various career opportunities in the greater Ottawa area.

Key Highlights:

  • Located in southeast Ottawa
  • 10 acres of land
  • 85,000 square foot building
  • Cross docking
  • Full height warehouse
  • Full suite of multi-modal services
  • Final mile distribution hub
  • Designed to handle all forms of final mile deliveries including non-conveyable and bulky shipments

Exponential growth trajectory continues for Fastfrate Group with acquisition of ASL Distribution Services Limited

February 16, 2021

ASL Distribution Services Limited

Fastfrate Group is excited to announce the acquisition of ASL Distribution Services Limited (ASL) – a leading transportation, warehousing, distribution and final mile service provider. The details of the agreement were not provided, however the purchase which includes all operating entities, is projected to increase Fastfrate Group revenue by an additional $120MM in 2021.

Fastfrate Group’s national network increases significantly with the addition of 13 terminals and final mile hubs throughout Ontario and into Quebec, Manitoba and New York.

This immediately provides Fastfrate Group entry into the ecommerce marketplace. ASL’s home and office final mile delivery division currently completes over 2 million deliveries per month and Fastfrate sees great opportunity for growth. President and CEO Manny Calandrino comments, “ASL already has the technology and the processes in place to fulfill the needs of Fortune 100 companies in the ecommerce space. By integrating this into Fastfrate’s national infrastructure and providing our substantial account-base with an enhanced service offering, we see tremendous opportunity for accelerated, national growth.”

There will be no changes to ASL management as their existing team has agreed to stay in place and run the company. Cole Dolny, President and CEO of ASL Distribution Services states, “Our working relationship dates back over 30 years. Both companies have a highly creative and entrepreneurial spirit. We’ve engaged strategically to utilize the skills and capacities of each organization over the last few decades, to engineer better logistics solutions for our customers. Our similar cultures and long-standing record of protecting and enhancing our customers’ supply chain were important factors in the decision process.” Mr. Dolny continues, “Fastfrate has an incredible leadership group, a clear vision for the future, a customer-first culture and a highly leverageable national network that ASL is extremely energized and proud to be part of.”

This acquisition is the latest in a series of recent strategic moves for Fastfrate Group who last year purchased Bestway to bolster their crossborder service offering. Fastfrate Group consists of 5 companies including Fastfrate, Canada Drayage Inc. (CDI), Fastfrate Integrated Logistics, Bestway and now ASL Distribution Services. Fastfrate Group Executive Chairman, Ron Tepper adds, “Whether through partnerships or acquisitions, we are aggressively pursuing further growth avenues. Each company in our group brings its own specialization to complement and strengthen every facet of our customers’ supply chain. This latest addition of ASL not only greatly enhances our ability to serve final mile and ecommerce segments but allows both Fastfrate and ASL customers to benefit from a greater national network.”

“These are very exciting times for our ownership, employees and customers alike. We would like to welcome everyone at ASL into the Fastfrate Group family as we look forward to working together to bring truly enhanced service offerings to the market.”

About ASL Distribution Services: An asset and non-asset based full-service third party logistics (3PL) provider. Established in 1959, ASL provides companies with seamless customized logistical solutions, encompassing warehousing services including e-commerce fulfillment and all modes of transportation including LTL, TL, intermodal, courier, small parcel, and expedited, utilizing its own fleet of trucks and with partner carriers. ASL also performs “Final Mile” home & office deliveries through its Precision Home & Office Deliveries division, delivering e-commerce fulfillment orders direct to consumers. ASL also offers freight management services through its brokerage division, including an LTL Cross-Border Consolidation program, utilizing their Buffalo, Oakville and Winnipeg distribution centers. For more information about ASL Distribution, please visit www.asldistribution.com

Employee Spotlight on Ken Payne

December 17, 2020

Ken Payne

Ken joined Fastfrate Group in March of 2020 as Director of Sales, Western Canada. He brings over 20 years of experience in sales and sales management to the table. Having held senior sales management roles in different organizations and industries over the last several years, Ken has gained a wealth of knowledge while advancing his professional career. Leading the Western Canada Sales Team, Ken strives to share his knowledge and empower each member.

Though leading a sales team takes exceptional commitment, Ken still finds time to enjoy mountain biking and downhill skiing with his wife and five children in and around their home just north of Calgary.

Welcome to Fastfrate Group, Ken!

Employee Spotlight on James Darby

December 8, 2020

James Darby

Bringing over 10 years of industry experience with him, James joined Fastfrate Group in September of 2017 as a Pricing Manager.

James has held several positions in the transportation industry which have helped propel his career to the role of Director of Operations and Procurement for our asset-based, Fastfrate Integrated Logistics division. James plays an absolutely integral role in the company with his current focus being to drive growth by building customer solutions and create sustainable carrier relationships.

As a leader, his focus is to build and develop a high performance team that is able to provide the best possible customer experience. His passion and commitment is concentrated in doing what is right for both the customer and the organization.

You’re a pivotal part of our team James, thank you!

Employee Spotlight on Anthony Nadon

December 1, 2020

Anthony photo

Anthony began his professional career with CDI in 2007. He later left to pursue other opportunities in 2012 before joining again in July of 2020.

Anthony has acquired over 13 years of experience within the transportation industry. His time spent in various roles, which include senior sales positions, has given him an exceptional understanding of the business in its entirety. To help keep his strong business sense and leadership skills finely tuned, Anthony reads daily. It’s through this commitment to continued learning that he is able to bring new ideas, a fresh way of thinking and help make improvements to productivity.

His exceptional qualities make him a great fit within Fastfrate Group. After he ensures everything is running as smooth as possible, you may find him snowboarding, hitting the gym, golfing or cooking.

Welcome back Anthony!

Fastfrate Group Proudly Announces the Second of 3 Branches Being Renamed in Honour of Long-Standing Employees!

November 19, 2020

George Bichara photo

It is with great pleasure, that our facility in Vaughan, Ontario will be renamed the GEORGE BICHARA FASTFRATE VAUGHAN CENTER.

While working for me in the early years before Fastfrate, I watched George first-handedly turn around a small trucking company that we owned, states Executive Chairman, Ron Tepper. I knew his work ethic. If he could turn that company around, Fastfrate would be easy for him. George was the other person, besides Bill Lasalle, who I absolutely wanted to join me at Fastfrate. George ended up joining us in July of 1994 and over the course of the last 26 years, has filled almost every operational position.

When we had issues in Calgary (before Richard’s time), George went to manage the branch for us and stayed there for 2 years to get it under control. When we faced challenges in Vancouver (before Tony’s time), it was George we sent to help us out. That story repeats itself in Winnipeg, Montreal and concludes in Toronto. Our Toronto branch, which is our largest, is comprised of a very diverse culture. We have more than 20 nationalities working in the branch. George helped build a terrific culture that is fair, equitable, honest and very productive. It has stayed extremely productive for several years now because Georges’ leadership has them firing on all cylinders! This stuff does not just happen. It takes years of knowledge and experience, it takes an ability to compromise, it takes seeing the greater picture and planning for the future. Morale at our Toronto branch is very strong from top to bottom and the business continues to grow. Our customers view us as a company they can count on. We are always available for calls, for customer service and we deliver on what we promise.

This again is the culture that George has nurtured and grown. For a culture like this to root and take hold, it needs leadership that does not allow anything or anyone to interrupt that. That is how a company becomes successful. For these reasons, we shall be naming our Toronto facility the GEORGE BICHARA FASTFRATE VAUGHAN CENTER. We look forward to watching this branch thrive with George as it’s leader!

Employee Spotlight on Jay Lee

November 13, 2020

Jay photo

In a new role to Fastfrate Group, Jay Lee joined our team in April, 2008. He was one of our first engineers to be hired to analyze the operational efficiency and business profitability for our KOCH division.

Jay implemented the deployment of various operational Key Performance Indicators, utilizing the engineering and 6 sigma methodologies, to increase the visibility of business status. Now as Director of Business Analytics and Solutions, Jay’s extensive knowledge and skill set allows him to lead his team in continual support for both operations and sales. His expertise shines with the design of customized solutions and tools which enhance business visibility and provide activity-based costing models to all LTL and drayage accounts. This allows Fastfrate Group to obtain accurate margins by account and by business segments.

As an extremely valuable member of our team, we appreciate all you do Jay, thank you!

Employee Spotlight on Sylvie Lalanne

Woodbridge, Ontario, November 5, 2020

Sylvie Lalanne photo

Sylvie has been an integral part of Fastfrate Group over a combined 25 years. She began her career with Fastfrate in 1981 after the current company she worked for, Howell Transport, was purchased by Fastfrate. Sylvie held various positions within the pricing and sales departments, gaining valuable knowledge and professional growth before leaving in 1998, to take over her families’ dedicated transport company until making the decision to sell.

Sylvie rejoined Fastfrate Group in 2012 as a Business Development Manager. The passion and dedication Sylvie poured into her position day in and day out did not go unnoticed. She made an exceptional impact within the Fastfrate Group and her demonstrated leadership skills earned her the offered promotion to Vice-President, Sales and Business Solutions Quebec and Atlantic Canada, which she proudly accepted in 2019.

We couldn’t think of a better suited person for the job. Thank you Sylvie, for all you do!

Employee Spotlight on Frank Figliomeni

Woodbridge, Ontario, October 29, 2020

Frank Figliomeni photo

Frank rejoined the Fastfrate Group in November, 2019 as Executive Vice President of Integrated Logistics. Frank has spent 20 plus years in the transportation industry and has held various positions ranging from Sales to Operations. He leads the logistics, linehaul and the recently acquired Bestway. His extensive experience allows him to play an integral role in helping to build customer solutions and implement strategic initiatives for profitable growth.

Frank has a passion for business and a focus to build a collaborative team who are committed to meeting customer and market demands. His contagious enthusiasm inspires his team to expend extraordinary energy that delivers results.

We’re proud of everything Frank and his team have accomplished and look forward to a bright future together!

Employee Spotlight on Gianna Primiani

Woodbridge, Ontario, October 22, 2020

Gianna Primiani photo

Since joining CDI in 2000, Gianna has spent most of her professional career as a member of the Fastfrate Group team. She brings an exceptional set of abilities to our team that help build solutions to enhance our customers’ supply chains. This ability stems from her outstanding customer service skill set and vast knowledge of the industry in combination with the various roles she has held with CDI over the past 20 years.

Her passionate work ethic and leadership style brings out the best in her team. Even with her last promotion to Vice-President, Central & Eastern Canada, Giana remains very involved in making sure customers and drivers are all well taken care off. She is a key component in the equation that has allowed CDI to grow to a national level. Gianna will continue play a vital role in the continuous growth of CDI.

We’re very proud to have you as part of our team, Gianna!

Fastfrate Group Proudly Announces the First of 3 Branches Being Renamed in Honour of Long-Standing Employees!

Woodbridge, Ontario, October 15, 2020


It is with great pleasure, that our new facility in Edmonton, Alberta will be renamed the BILL SHUPENIA FASTFRATE EDMONTON CENTER.

Bill Joined Fastfrate May 1, 1978. He has been our Senior Manager in Edmonton since I have owned the company, states Executive Chairman, Ron Tepper. Although for many years, Bill was required to work out of a less than ideal facility (in fact, less than ideal really meant old and dilapidated), I never once heard him complain throughout the years. In spite of these tough working conditions, Bill grew our business in Edmonton to the point that for several years, it was our top performing branch in Western Canada by a longshot. He delivered margins that other branches could only dream about!

Bill managed to keep his staff happy and productive throughout those years. You don’t get best-in-class margins without the manager doing what is needed to be done for that to happen. Bill and I have known each other since 1994. Not once did I ever hear him say that anything we asked of him was not doable. It is a sign of very strong leadership and strong leadership leads to strong results. That is what we have experienced from Bill and his staff in Edmonton over all these years.

Renaming our new large facility in Edmonton, which has several operating components, is a perfect tribute to honour Bill for his outstanding dedication and leadership. Once the economy returns to a more normal state and we can travel again, President and CEO, Manny Calandrino and I plan to have a formal renaming of the terminal with Bill, in person.

Thank you again Bill, your leadership is what made our Fastfrate Edmonton location everything it is today!

Fastfrate Group Boosts Crossborder Service Offering with Purchase of Bestway Cartage and Bestway Global

Woodbridge, Ontario, August 10, 2020

Fastfrate Group is excited to announce its acquisition of cross border carrier, Bestway Cartage Limited and Bestway Global Limited, effective August 1st, 2020. Bestway has been serving Ontario and the USA since 1976 and over the years have established a strong presence in key U.S. markets. The development of this purchase began approximately two years ago, however discussions started picking up once Bestway relocated into Fastfrate’s Woodbridge facility in September of 2019.

President and CEO of Fastfrate Group, Manny Calandrino is thrilled with this latest addition to their group of companies and explains, “There couldn’t be a better fit for us right now. As our group continues to grow and build momentum, the next logical step was to increase our foothold in the USA marketspace. Bestway brings a lot of great experience and relationships to our group, allowing us to better-serve our customers on both sides of the border.”

Fastfrate Group consists of four companies including Fastfrate, CDI, Fastfrate Integrated Logistics and Bestway. The ever-growing group continues to take an asset-based approach to transportation and combines the unique strengths of each company to provide end-to-end solutions for their diverse customer-base. Mr. Calandrino adds, “It’s all about providing simple and seamless service. The integration of Bestway into our operation allows us to keep all north and south-bound shipments in our care and control from pickup to delivery.” Manny continues, “A closed-loop method for crossborder shipments reduces the amount of touch, accelerates transit times and keeps the process very simple for our customers.”

COVID-19 Updates

June 1, 2020

Coming Back to work Safely
To all Fastfrate and CDI Employees, Suppliers, and Customers...

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May 4, 2020

Canada Drayage Statement Concerning Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)
As a valued customer of Canada Drayage, we are reaching out to you to share some important updates as it relates to our business continuity readiness during these highly uncertain times...

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May 4, 2020

Consolidated Fastfrate’s Statement Concerning Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)
As a valued customer of Consolidated Fastfrate we are reaching out to you to share some important updates as it relates to our business continuity readiness during these highly uncertain times...

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March 23, 2020

Message to our Customers during the COVID-19 virus outbreak
Dear Valued Customer:
We are all living in a very challenging and scary time, both at home and at work. News updates about the virus come out hourly and the situation changes day by day, with all of us doing our best to adapt...

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March 17, 2020

Dear Valued Customer:
Fastfrate Group is committed to the health and safety of our employees, customers and the communities in which we operate. We are closely monitoring guidance by World Health Organization and information provided by the Public Health Agency of Canada...

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Fastfrate November Newsletter (Click here to view our special edition Newsletter for Fall 2018)

November 12, 2018


Fastfrate Group announces Fastfrate Linehaul, a dedicated truckload service

Woodbridge, Ontario, October 15, 2018

Fastfrate Linehaul

Fastfrate Group announced today they have fully merged the BRS Transportation operation into the Consolidated Fastfrate operation effective October 15th, 2018. They have re-allocated these BRS resources throughout the various Fastfrate divisions to maximize utility for current future growth.

Fastfrate Linehaul was directly established from the merger to provide shippers with a contract- based truckload offering. Equipment can be designed to their customers’ exact specifications and the Fastfrate Linehaul division will operate in both Canada and the USA. Fastfrate Linehaul is fully CTPAT ,PIP,FAST and ACE approved with full satellite tracking on all tractors and trailer and is ELD compliant.

President and CEO, Manny Calandrino explains, “We have just come off a banner year and the merger of BRS into our various operations has given us added and immediate capacity where it was needed most. Fastfrate Linehaul is not an ad hoc truckload service. It is a more strategic highway offering that will foster deeper, long term relationships in new areas, for the Fastfrate Group.

Fastfrate Appoints New VP Prairie Region

Calgary, Alberta, June 12, 2018

Richard Rose

Manny Calandrino, President and CEO, Fastfrate Group is pleased to announce the appointment of Richard Rose to the newly created position of VP Prairie Region. Based out of Calgary, Richard will be responsible for all Fastfrate activities In Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta. He will also oversee Thunder bay, ON and Kelowna, BC.

Richard Rose came to Fastfrate as the Calgary terminal manager in the fall of 2016. Previous to that, he held management positions within the various courier divisions of TFI and other carriers. Richard comments on the transition, “Calgary is the largest of our western facilities. Besides being a destination terminal for the balance of Canada, my mandate is to grow our intra-west activities within our Western Canada network. The shipment immediacy and technological support of the courier environment prepared me well for my new role at Fastfrate. Identifying best practices throughout the Western region, heightening intra-branch communication and preparing for the integration of a more robust technology structure is definitely in my wheelhouse. I look forward to the challenge.”

Richard lives with his wife and two children just north of Calgary in the city of Airdrie, AB (population 65,000). He coaches his son’s baseball team and is actively involved in setting up an organized baseball league for youth in Alberta. Richard is part of Fastfrate’s leadership team and reports directly to Manny Calandrino who states, “Giving autonomy to the Western Region through this new VP position was a critical part of our growth strategy. Like the rest of our leadership team, Richard has a hands-on management style and has already injected positive energy into achieving our goals in the West and for our company overall.”

Fastfrate Appoints New VP BC Region

Vancouver, British Columbia, June 12, 2018

Tony Kelly

Manny Calandrino, President and CEO, Fastfrate Group is pleased to announce the appointment of Tony Kelly to the newly created position of VP BC Region. Based out of Vancouver, Tony will be responsible for the Vancouver and Vancouver Island terminal locations.

Mr. Kelly has an extensive background in transportation, distribution and logistics that has taken him around the globe. Before coming to Fastfrate as Vancouver terminal manager, Tony was the Western Regional manager for XPO Logistics. His decades of transportation experience has been embellished through a host of specialized courses from Logistics to Canadian Customs. Tony is part of the Fastfrate leadership team, works closely with Richard Rose, VP Prairie Region and reports directly to Manny Calandrino.

As VP BC Region, Tony had this to say about his recent promotion, “I love Vancouver and the new responsibilities Manny has entrusted me with. I feel my background has prepared me well for this opportunity and collectively our leadership team is geared up to make the upcoming months a time of positive change and growth for Fastfrate.”

Manny Calandrino explains the move to regional VPs in the West, “Our new fiscal starts in October of this year and we are literally firing on all 12 cylinders as we approach 2019. Every aspect of our company has been examined and we are taking the actions necessary to not only grow our business but to do it with greater understanding and insight into our overall operation. The west operates differently than the rest of Canada. Our locations there are not only inbound terminals but also our third largest generator of outbound tonnage. Our 2 new VPs in the West can be more hands on in directing our future success there.”

Fastfrate Group Names Manny Calandrino as President and CEO

Woodbridge, Ontario, May 31, 2018

Manny Calandrino

Ron Tepper, Executive Chairman of Consolidated Fastfrate is pleased to announce the appointment of Manny Calandrino to the role of President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Fastfrate Group of Companies. The group includes Consolidated Fastfrate, Canada Drayage (CDI), Fastfrate Integrated Logistics and BRS Transportation.

Mr. Tepper says, “Manny has been with Fastfrate for 30 years and continues to be a passionate, and extremely hard working leader for our Group of Companies. His bountiful history with us and extensive industry knowledge made him the perfect candidate for this increased leadership role.”

Manny Calandrino comments, “When Ron’s company, Tepper Holdings, bought back all the shares of Fastfrate in the fall of 2017 we put a game plan in place. It hinged on my ability to put together an effective leadership team comprised of like-minded individuals who were on the front lines of our daily operations. Together we determined objectives, took ownership and got the job done.”

Ron Tepper adds, “Our leadership team was created with the mandate of heightened communications and sustainable growth through improved utilization of our engineering department, technology investment, further development of our specialized supply chain services and a more detailed understanding of costs and margin requirements through our expanded yield management department. Future plans see us taking greater advantage of the large value in our real estate portfolio and building on our solid core of senior operating managers throughout our 14 company operated branches that span Canada.”

Fastfrate’s seasoned Board of Directors is comprised of prominent industry leaders. Director Don McLauchlin made this declaration, “We believe the trucking and rail industries are poised for growth. Capacity is and will be, an issue going forward. Canadian companies with strong management, solid balance sheets, who have size and scale will prosper in this environment. Manny Calandrino has proven himself as an exceptional leader and team builder and we wish him our best as President and CEO of the Fastfrate Group of Companies.

The Fastfrate Group of Companies Broadens Services and Growth in First Quarter of 2018

Woodbridge, ON April 12, 2018

Services Broadened

The Fastfrate Group of Companies is pleased to announce that Consolidated Fastfrate and CDI, its container transport division, have experienced unprecedented growth, since the company ownership changed hands from Fenway Partners to Tepper Holdings late last year. A new 80 truck contract for CDI serving the Vancouver market and a direct service offering to Vancouver Island for Consolidated Fastfrate, top the list of recent highlights for 2018.

According to Ron Tepper, Chairman and CEO, “It’s been a tough time for the transportation industry since the recession of 2008/09. It’s made us work harder, smarter and the combined efforts of our team are finally paying off. With long time company veterans Manny Calandrino heading up the Fastfrate Group and Kevin Hankinson at CDI, it is a very positive time for our group, which also includes BRS Transportation and Fastfrate Integrated Logistics. A big factor in our overall upswing is our enhanced relationship with CP Rail and the signing of the 3 year service contract at the beginning of 2018.”

CDI is seeing increased activity in the transport of Genset chassis used for temperature controlled containers at their expanded facilities in Winnipeg and Regina. They also set up operations at a new joint facility with Fastfrate in Edmonton, in the fall of 2017. Recently appointed President of CDI, Kevin Hankinson comments on their growth the past 6 months, “We have a great offering that spans from Halifax to Vancouver. We have a clear mandate for growth and have added the human resources and equipment needed to accomplish just that. Our position as a national drayage company is unique to the industry and over my 30 years with Consolidated Fastfrate and this last 6 months with CDI, I am proud to say that this once small entity, now has over 500 tractors in service, Canada-wide. The value we bring to national and international shippers, is one point of contact for anywhere in the country, as well as service capabilities in every port or rail served city in Canada.”

President and COO of the Fastfrate Group of Companies, Manny Calandrino also comments, “ Building a winning team, truly understanding our costs and creating the processes needed for sustainable growth has meant some heavy lifting and perseverance these past few years. The economic climate for transport today is as good as we have seen it in over a decade and our customers truly appreciate the breadth of services we now offer them. We have done a good job of taking the action required to realize the opportunities presented to us. It’s an exciting time for our company as we develop even closer relationships with our valued clients and suppliers. We continue to lift the bar of excellence throughout our unique blend of transportation, distribution and logistics services.”

Canadian Pacific (CP) and Consolidated Fastfrate (CFF) have agreed on a three-year contract effective January 1, 2018.

January 22, 2018


CFF is the largest privately owned repositioner of marine containers in Canada and does so exclusively on CP rail lines according to Ron Tepper CEO of Fastfrate.

“We believe this significant event will help CP secure more steamship line business as the mathematics require revenue on the return of the containers to the ports of origin, CFF use these containers to load LTL (less than truckload) freight from Toronto and from Montreal to all cities in western Canada on behalf of its 3,000 active clients,” said Tepper.

Fastfrate is co-located with CP intermodal terminals in most major cities across the country, and Fastfrate currently ship over 40,000 TEUs a year from east to west, the agreement anticipates 150,000 TEUs over the next three years.

“CFF is one of the oldest customer relationships CP has with the two companies first entering into agreement in 1966,” said Jonathan Wahba, CP Vice-President Sales and Marketing, Intermodal. “Fastfrate has a very strong name in the market for service, and the fact CFF trusts us with their requirements speaks to our ongoing commitment to serving our customers. We continue to develop and strengthen strategic partnerships with key customers like CFF as part of our disciplined approach to sustainable, profitable growth.”

Consolidated Fastfrate Appoints Vice-President of Sales for Ontario

Woodbridge, Ontario, October 13, 2017

Kim Wonfor

Manny Calandrino, President & COO of Consolidated Fastfrate is pleased to announce the appointment of Kim Wonfor to the position of VP Sales-Ontario. Kim joined the organization earlier this year as Director Cross Border where she spearheaded Fastfrate’s expansion of their LTL services between Canada and the USA.

Ms. Wonfor has held many senior positions in the industry. After working closely with her on the Cross Border initiative Manny Calandrino comments, “Kim is a great communicator, a solid administrator who is great with detail and a natural at sales and sales management. In her new role she will still report directly to me but will now have all members of our Ontario sales and customer service team as a direct report to her. We’ve taken our time filling this position as it is an important one and I am pleased that we have Kim to take on the challenge.”

According to Calandrino, “… sales and customer service go hand-in-hand.” Ms. Wonfor further explains, “Manny is an extremely hard-working, high energy leader and we have discussed his expectations in great detail. Fortunately for me, we have a fantastic service offering unique, to the industry. Our services include intermodal, expedited trucking, transload, warehousing, drayage and logistics… coast to coast across Canada. Our Cross Border LTL program is gaining momentum too. We’ve got a great story to tell and my mission is to share it with our existing and potential customers like never before. We also hope to develop more opportunities to integrate our services to offer a more comprehensive supply chain solution to our clients. We’re all systems go at Fastfrate!”

Consolidated Fastfrate Inc. is once again a 100% Canadian Owned and Operated Company

Toronto, Ontario, October 10, 2017

Canadian Owned

Ron Tepper, Founder and CEO of Tepper Holdings Inc. (THI) and Chairman and CEO of Consolidated Fastfrate Inc. announced today that THI has acquired the outstanding Fastfrate shares held by the New York based private equity firm, Fenway Partners.

Included in the shares acquired are companies Canada Drayage Inc. (CDI), Fastfrate Integrated Logistics and Consolidated Fastfrate. According to Mr. Tepper, “We have come full circle. We sold 75% of the company to Fenway in December 7 and have now bought back those shares in two installments in March 2013 and September 2017.” Tepper adds, “I am very proud it is back in Canadian hands. I am grateful to the 1,500 people employed by Fastfrate and the extreme hard work, through some very trying times to make this purchase possible.”

CDI is the only national drayage company in Canada and serves all ports from Vancouver to Halifax. It employs a total of 400 drayage drivers and is currently experiencing fast paced growth at approximately 100 drivers per year.

Fastfrate Integrated Logistics is a 3rd party logistic operation, with offices in Montreal, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver and has expanded coverage and capacity through an extensive highway and intermodal partner carrier network.

Consolidated Fastfrate is one of Canada’s largest LTL carriers, located adjacent to CP Rail yards in every city from Montreal to Vancouver and is the largest repositioner of steamship containers on CP Rail’s line. Fastfrate also has expedited trucking services to and from all cities in Canada and currently handles in excess of 1 billion lbs of LTL freight per year.

Consolidated Fastfrate Appoints President for Canada Drayage Inc. (CDI)

Woodbridge, Ontario, October 6, 2017

Kevin Hankinson

President and COO, of Consolidated Fastfrate, Manny Calandrino, announced today that he has appointed industry veteran Kevin Hankinson as President of Canada Drayage Inc.(CDI). Mr. Hankinson has a 30 year history with the Fastfrate Group of Companies and is well versed in multi-modal operations, sales and pricing management.

Reporting directly to Manny Calandrino, Kevin has a mandate for accelerated growth. As Canada’s only national drayage company, CDI has locations coast to coast and has exciting new opportunities on the horizon that demanded focused leadership. Mr. Calandrino explains, “CDI grew their fleet by 25% last year, during times when the transportation industry has been pretty flat. I belief Kevin has the talent to realize unprecedented growth for CDI. His understanding of big picture supply chain strategy is just what we need to maximize existing and future opportunities.”

CDI currently has 8 locations which includes recent expansions into Regina and Edmonton markets. The company acts as a dedicated fleet for their customers in the areas of container transport to and from Canada’s railyards and ports. More traditional trucking requirements are fulfilled throughout Canada as well. Mr. Hankinson comments, “I’ve watched the CDI division grow steadily over my 3 decades with Fastfrate. I believe the transition from VP of Supply Chain to my new role as CDI President will be a smooth one. The day to day operations are running great which allow me to develop strategies with new and old customers alike to bring greater efficiencies into their supply chain. It’s my passion and I’m extremely pleased that Manny has entrusted me with this new role with what is likely to be our fastest growing division into the future.”

CDI shares Fastfrate’s strong relationship with CP and is situated adjacent to CP Rail yards in all of their locations. To find out more about CDI please visit their website at www.CDITrucks.com

Consolidated Fastfrate Moves to New Facility in Edmonton and Significantly Expands Service Offering

Edmonton, Alberta, September 18, 2017

Fastfrate Edmonton

Consolidated Fastfrate is now open for business at its expanded cross dock, transload and warehousing facility in Edmonton. The new location is much closer to the CP intermodal yard and all major roadways.

Over the last 7 months since its purchase, renovations are now complete and the move took place over Labour Day weekend. The branch manager of the Edmonton terminal, Bill Shupenia, is a 40 year veteran at Fastfrate and comments, “Our old terminal was laid out for railside loading and unloading from our historical boxcar days. Our new facility is a 55 door cross dock operation, boasts a 24/7 secure warehousing component with a fully fenced, paved yard and about 6,000 sq. ft. of finished office space. We have a mandate and room for growth. We look forward to providing a more comprehensive value proposition to our customers.”

The roughly 80,000 sq. ft. facility operates around the clock, 6 days a week. A new feature that will enhance the safety and performance of their growing fleet is a 5 bay service bay for tractor, trailer and chassis service. Sister company, CDI is sharing the facility and operates over 20 power units and a versatile chassis fleet for the transport of sea and intermodal containers, of all lengths. The new CDI operation for Edmonton is headed up by David Hogan.

Fastfrate Edmonton acts primarily as an inbound terminal for intermodal and highway activity from Ontario and Quebec. Their Intrawest service continues to grow and with the proper cross dock and secure warehousing features now available, advances in transload and distribution services are expected.

“Consolidated Fastfrate has a 51-year history as a strategic partner to CP,” says Jonathan Wahba, CP’s Vice President Sales and Marketing, Intermodal and Grain. “They are the largest repositioner of marine containers in Canada, and we are really pleased that this new Edmonton facility will increase capacity to the northern Alberta marketplace.”

Once the Edmonton team has everything ship shape, a function will be held to show customers the improved operations at the new facility. New signage will be installed shortly and future plans include the transition to LED lighting as an energy saving measure.

Consolidated Fastfrate Group Announces new President/COO and VP for Quebec Region

December 19, 2016

Manny Calandrino

Consolidated Fastfrate (Fastfrate) is pleased to announce the appointment of Manny Calandrino to the position of President and COO for the Fastfrate Group of companies. The group consists of four operating entities including Fastfrate, Fastfrate Integrated Logistics, Canada Drayage Inc. (CDI) and Bruce R Smith.

Reporting directly to Ron Tepper, Executive Chairman and CEO, Mr. Calandrino will have full operating responsibility for the group of companies. According to Ron Tepper, “Manny has been with us for over 30 years and has his finger on the pulse of our organization. He was most recently Executive VP for Eastern Canada and was extremely successful in managing and accelerating growth in the region. I am confident Manny will be well received by our management team and the marketplace. He has a passion for getting things done and done well.”

The change in management structure is in direct response to Fastfrate Group’s significant growth in their supply chain business, logistics offering and most recently its cross border LTL service across continental USA. The new Cross Border service links the company’s Canada-wide infrastructure through a hub and spoke distribution model, in partnership with AAA Cooper and other strategic U.S. carriers.

Fastfrate is also pleased to announce the appointment of Alfonso Triolo to the position of Vice President Quebec region, for the Fastfrate Group of companies. Alfonso has been with the company for 18 years, in several management positions, the latest being General Manager, Quebec. He has tremendous operating experience and knows the Quebec market very well. Alfonso will report directly to Manny Calandrino, President and COO. Both announcements officially take effect on January 1, 2017.

Consolidated Fastfrate Announces Breakout LTL Service between Canada and the USA

December 6, 2016

Map with Edmonton

Consolidated Fastfrate (Fastfrate) has 50 years of service and a coast to coast Canadian infrastructure of facilities, rolling assets and personnel. The official announcement today of their asset-based, Cross Border service has been in development over the last year and utilizes several strategic U.S. partners.

Ron Tepper, CEO of Fastfrate states, “We are a private company, responsive to the requirements of our customers. We were careful to align with like-minded, asset-based LTL partners. Each partner carrier has specific regional USA strengths and combined, give us complete coverage of the continental USA. We are very pleased to offer this expanded service option to our customers on both sides of the border. We see it as a game changer for our organization.”

Utilizing a hub and spoke distribution model, the company is able to integrate their Canada–wide infra structure into their hand-picked, U.S. partner network. LTL dry good commodities of 1-4 skids are their focus. They are participants in all the required Homeland Security initiatives and Customs procedures to cross the Canada/USA border efficiently.

Consolidated Fastfrate Celebrates 50th Birthday Canada-wide

October 5, 2016

Map with Edmonton

September 26, 2016 marked the official 50th birthday of Consolidated Fastfrate. Celebrations were focused on the 1,700 employees that make up the organization at each of their locations from Vancouver to Newfoundland/Labrador.

Nearly 200 employees were honoured with awards at the festivities for their over 20 years of service to the company. Those with over 40 years of service were presented with their commemorative award by CEO, Ron Tepper at select Fastfrate locations. All employees and drivers received a limited edition polo shirt branded with the 50th logo, along with a lapel pin showing years of service. Additional celebration elements included special anniversary trailer wraps dispersed throughout the country and a special edition newsletter that had each location sharing their story as part of the national LTL provider’s historic occasion.

Mr. Tepper commented on Fastfrate’s Canada-wide celebrations, “It’s been an interesting journey building this company and often reinventing ourselves to stay current with customer demands. Special moments like this 50th celebration make it all worthwhile. I am very proud to celebrate our history and lead this group into a future that includes many exciting new challenges. Positioning our company as a solutions provider that delivers a cohesive and integrated menu of transportation and distribution services lies directly ahead of us.“

In addition to the employee events, Fastfrate presented 88 customers with awards, who have supported Fastfrate for over 10 years with $150,000 or more of yearly revenue. Also, a personalized Thank You was sent, relative to the 50th celebration, to their top 200 customers.

A commemorative timeline was created and can be viewed on the Fastfrate website highlighting milestones of the company’s history. The special edition 50th anniversary newsletter is also available for viewing and download on www.Fastfrate.com

Consolidated Fastfrate Invests Millions in Canadian Facilities and Equipment Assets

October 14, 2016

Map with Edmonton

Consolidated Fastfrate (Fastfrate) announced today a series of investments totaling nearly 20 million dollars. These purchases include a new 10 million dollar facility in Edmonton, a 1.5 million dollar expansion at their current Winnipeg facility and the addition of 238 intermodal chassis (5.5 million) to their container transport operations.

Ron Tepper, CEO of Fastfrate explains, “These are exciting times for our company. We believe in our future and continue to invest in our Canada-wide network of asset based LTL road and rail services. But more than that, we are putting our considerable knowledge and experience into creating ‘thinking solutions’ geared to our customers’ more sophisticated transportation and distribution requirements.”

The facility investment in Winnipeg and Edmonton follows new Fastfrate facilities in Regina and Moncton. As well, Fastfrate will soon be announcing their expansion in the U.S. through strategic partnerships with a select group of regional niche players. Mr. Tepper adds, “No privately held transportation provider has our particular combination of facilities, resources and talent. We are truly a multi-faceted transportation and distribution network, coast to coast in Canada.“

Fastfrate September Newsletter (Click here to view our 16 page 50th Anniversary Employee Newsletter)

September 22, 2016